🎁 Finding links just a got a whole lot easier

🎁 Finding links just a got a whole lot easier
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Internal linking makes it easier, faster, simpler to showcase your work to your audience. Because it should be second nature, not a chore. Every time you think, “Oh I wrote about that once!” Boom, it’s linked. No need to search for the URL, no need to leave the editor, no need to interrupt your flow.

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In these negotiations, the spotlight is on the Canadian mining industry. Canadian mining investments in Ecuador are valued at $1.8 billion, with Canada’s trade commissioner noting that Canadian companies are “leading investors” in Ecuador’s mining sector.

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The trade commissioner also praises Ecuador’s “mining-friendly legal framework.”

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This is despite what MiningWatch Canada calls “serious human rights violations [that shed] light on the state of conflict over mining projects in peasant and Indigenous territories” in Ecuador.

COFENIAE rejected the manual with a statement that explained:

“Continuing with its extractivist and neoliberal agenda, President Noboa turns our rights into a mere administrative procedure to facilitate the interests of the mining industry and speed up the approval process of mining concessions.”

Indigenous-led popular uprisings against Ecuador’s neoliberal state have been frequent in recent years. Such uprisings occurred in 2019, 2020, and 2022, and in all cases, the Canadian government either remained silent about state repression of protestors or openly sided with the Ecuadorian right-wing.

Ecuador is currently embroiled in what Noboa has labelled an “internal armed conflict” between the state and armed gangs. These gangs began to thrive following the end of the left-wing Rafael Correa presidency, during which violent crime rates plummeted as a result of social investment and community-oriented security reform.

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